About our Islamic Studies courses

Sound Vision has designed online children's courses that bring Islamic educational content into the convenience of your home for the entire family. Our courses teach about topics that children are likely to encounter in daily life and then connect them to Islamic guidance. Our hosts are amazing role models who use songs, stories, crafts, and fun activities that our students and parents love. Join us and give your children an amazing gift that makes them proud to be a Muslim!

Course curriculum

Host Teachers

Creative, Loving, AMAZING!

Host Teacher

Inas Abusheikha

Inas Abusheikha is a mother, educator and multilingual storyteller. She specializes in Circle Time and conducts her work in English, French and Arabic online and at various public libraries and live events. She lives with her husband and their two children in Toronto, Canada.

Host Teacher

Amira Abusheikha

Amira is a visual artist that works in the field of social work. When she isn’t serving her community she is creating beautiful acrylic paintings and studying various interpretations of it. She has lead many creative workshops and projects. Amira lives in Ottawa with her husband and young son. And yes, she is teacher Inas' sister!

Host Teacher

Zamzam Salhan

Sr. Zamzam Salhan is a dedicated lifelong learner with years of experience in teaching, creating/implementing differentiated lesson plans, and being culturally responsive. She is committed to molding the minds of the new generation and is particularly excited about positively impacting young Muslims. Zamzam received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland and is planning to pursue graduate work in Counseling Psychology.

Pricing options

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is each class period?

    Each of the five classes will be one hour long. We will segment the instruction to keep things moving with songs, movement breaks, dialogue with students, and art projects.

  • Is it important to attend every class?

    The course is a comprehensive offering and each of the classes is important in providing details about the Hajj journey.

  • Is it important for students to be on camera?

    An important feature of our programming is the engaging and interactive nature of it. Students are best able to participate in the programming by having their cameras turned on. Mics will be generally be muted but students are encouraged to ask and answer questions throughout the class.

  • Are there required assignments to complete?

    We will be providing supplemental worksheets to expand learning outside of the "class," but in these classes, the assignments are only suggested, not required.

  • How is the art segment handled?

    Sr. Amina's arts and craft segment will feature a an age-appropriate project that is connected to each day's lesson. We like to use materials that are readily available and frequently reuse or repurpose household items.