About the Adam's World Club

The Adam’s World Club provides children ages 4-7 with unique online learning opportunities. Our hosts are amazing role models who encourage children to look at the world they live in from a uniquely Islamic perspective. By using songs, stories, crafts, and fun activities, we can encourage them to learn about Islam and have fun while doing it. Opportunities to interact with hosts and fellow students also give students a meaningful opportunity to make connections with children who have similar values and by extension, with the larger Muslim community.

Course curriculum

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Host Teachers

Host Teacher

Amira Abusheikha

Amira is a visual artist that works in the field of social work. When she isn’t serving her community she is creating beautiful acrylic paintings and studying various interpretations of it. She has lead many creative workshops and projects. Amira lives in Ottawa with her husband and young son. And yes, she is teacher Inas' sister!

Huda Amareh

Huda Amareh is a Registered Dietitian who loves teaching people how to improve their eating habits through cooking healthy meals and having fun! She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in nutrition and is registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. Huda lives in Toronto with her husband where they are very passionate about serving underprivileged communities.


  • Do you use a standard Islamic Studies curriculum?

    We have a team of educators and administrators with decades of experience in the classroom and with Islamic schools building lessons and programming that nurtures three specific aspects of a child’s character – physical, social and emotional, and spiritual. As important as these basics is the intention to help children develop a love for Allah, our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), and a positive image of themselves as part of a vibrant Muslim community.

  • What does each class include?

    There will be five LIVE online classes each week that revolve around a theme - Developing an Islamic Character. Each classes will include songs, stories, art or cooking projects, movement exercises, and more! Our Friday sessions are designed for review and provide a unique community building opportunity with our student Show & Tell segment.

  • How will parents know what will be covered?

    The course will include LOTS of support materials for students and parents. The dashboard will provided details about the curriculum for each week. Art project and recipe instructions will also be included. There is even supplemental resources that can expand learning outside of the class instruction!

  • Are the classes recorded in case we miss one?

    These classes are optimally designed for live student engagement. We encourage all students to attend every class (and many do even when on vacation or in the car!). We do understand that there may be circumstances which my make that difficult. But we also feel strongly that students (and their parents) must also feel comfortable with the privacy that is offered in this online learning environment. It is for these reasons that we choose NOT to record them.

  • Are there required assignments to complete?

    We will be providing supplemental worksheets to expand learning outside of the "class" time but in this course, additional work is not required.